Diary of Incidents, full hacking report from 15APR

Diary of Incidents Continued


I’ve been hacked, again.

This time I was warned. A bathroom and free WiFi counter balanced the roaming Meth heads and hovering national security apparatchiks, so I entered the virtual battlefield with eyes wide open.

Goon dressed in black at the bar with bleary eyes, grey mustache, on line, could be waiting. Younger guy dreaming of abusing hookers out loud, should be culled from that possibility. Manager sweeping, seemingly innocent. Could be the most dangerous, those innocent types.

Cup of coffee in hand, bathroom break finished, I sit down and enter an unprotected public access spot. One quick letter off to a potential employer, a cruise into Truthdig’s blog site where I leave a note for Chris Hedges, then into WordPress for a posting.

Can’t open the word documents I need to post. Instead, I post the story that I’ve been hacked.

This happened before in SF at The Brew cafe in Russian Hill, so I back out and restore the computer. Great – word documents open again.

Then, I open Google Chrome, but it’s been corrupted and won’t work, meaning I can’t continue writing letters to potential employers, meaning I’m being prevented from gaining work in order to pay for shelter, food, gas, and medicine. Of course, unless I enter the unprotected WiFi access point again and actually download another copy of Chrome that would no doubt also open the door to a stream bad shit.

It’s a Very Dirty War.

Pleased with another necessary moment to proselytize, I proclaim loudly to the Goon whom I’ve silently moved next to, “I’ve been hacked”.

The Goon gets off his stool, quickly denies it, but won’t look me in the eye – he definitely knows something. The Manager begins blaming me for possibly infecting their system, until I remind him to not blame the victim. His was a pretty quick response, adding the problem must be my computer… which is interesting, since I’ve been thinking there’s a background program running…

The fresh customers are paying attention when I say there’s a Dirty War going on, and I’ve been activating politically, and the hacking on Applejacks site has denied my ability to go online and look for work, adding that they could be hacked, as well.

This finally gets their attention.

I tell the Goon, “You don’t know anything.”

He looks downtrodden, like his bubble was just popped.