Diary of Incidents, suppressed posts

Diary of Incidents Continued



I was in Baja at a Neo-nazi black site, experiencing a less effective water boarding technique applied by the local surf gang, and secretly listening to reports on the Occupy Movement via satellite radio.

Then, I wondered what it would have been like to be at a movement instead of Scorpion Bay1, at Zuccotti Park, Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington DC…?

Now, I wonder what’s happening to the Occupy Movement participants.

As Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges writes in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, the national security reaction to the Occupy Movement reveals the current capitalist model to be completely bankrupt since it suppressed the voices of intellectuals and workers2, labeling those practicing free market/communal economies , freedom of speech, and freedom of congregating in public places as “Enemies of the State”.

I ask, which State is that? The Slow and Silent Coup d’Etat?

Yes siree, the emperor is naked. These security forces are using Soviet and Chinese communist control techniques, but only in part.3 Chinese re-indoctrinate select subversives after applying psychological torture, whereas Americans “self-disappear” their targets, erase them from the unemployment tally, discontinue or deny their claims to social services, and shove them into prisons, institutions, streets, woods and black sites where make-work surveillance projects keep the bloated Homeland Security apparatchik very busy.

Since all of our federally elected officials are currently to blame, given that Congressional outrage is non-existent, what’s a thinking citizen to do?

One idea: Join the F.U.N.A.’s (Fuck You Nazi Asshole*), and donate generously to the cause.

It’ll be great to hear security analysts discuss the movement, as they say these words to each other:

“The F.U.N.A.’s? What’s that stand for?”

And, the answer given while looking into the questioners’ eyes, “Fuck You Nazi Asshole”.

This, alone, could make a thinking citizen happy.





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