3I MOM I3 – March On the DC Mall to End the Dirty War!  Organizing now and scheduled to begin May 31st, 2013.

3I MOM I3’s  focus, following Occupy’s MayDay strikes, will be America’s Post 9/11 Dirty War at home against it’s own citizens. Bradley Manning (whose trial begins June 2nd up the road in Ft. Meade, Maryland), Aaron Swartz, Tim DeChristopher, and Jeremy Hammond are only a few of the dirty war’s recent political prisoners.

Historically, our homegrown dirty war first targeted Native Americans, then African Americans.  Now, the entire middle class and the country’s democratic foundations are in the cross hairs.

Activists have become political prisoners in NYC and Salt Lake City, mineral rich land owners are being poisoned in Louisiana and Appalachia, and the unemployed are being pushed off accounts and into starvation.

3I MOM I3 Sponsors recognize that sustainability is the answer to managing the Earth’s resources for all people, and know that “crony capitalism” has failed American democracy.

We’ve also experienced post-communist police state tactics embraced by national security bureaucracy, in their attempts to mask whistle blower retaliation against activists as hunts for domestic terrorists.

For links to the full backstory (as if you’re not already aware), read Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges’ Days of Destruction Days of Revolt, or the recent articles found here on aerguyton.wordpress.com.

Only five weeks away, 3I MOM I3 needs participant support – for establishing the call to action, logistics, coordination, funding, security, and publicity – and fully committed Sponsors.

Sponsors will compose the 3I MOM I3 Collective, developing action plans while remaining focused on their constituents needs as the March to End the Dirty War evolves.

The draft sponsors list includes: A.I.M., Black Panthers, Occupy Movement, Earth First!, Code Pink, Pussy Riot, Ecosexuals, Musicians United, Anonymous, F.U.N.A., Coalition of Homeless Providers, Disobedient Civil Servants, Captains of Industry, Green Peace, 420 Coalition, WikiLeaks, The Homeless Billionaire, 350, Sustainable Planet, Unions, Taxpayers & Homemakers, Migrant Worker Coalitions, Hells Angles, and…

Let’s do it – it’s not too late.  Call 917.742,7849, or write to info31mom13@gmail.com, and

Share the attached pdf poster!  3I MOM I3 Poster


on behalf of the F.U.N.A.’s (Fuck You Nazi Asshole)