True Stories

Back in 2009, I mentioned to a Hollywood producer that I was working on a narrative for a great film, but was having a hard time beginning the process, of understanding how all the elements were working together.

Sure, I had traveled around the globe and seen totalitarian states in action, but I never imagined it could happen here, in America.

He said, “Put it on one page, and if that looks interesting, I’ll read the rest.”  So, I did, but it took two years to make sense of the patterns of incidents.

Therefore, here are several True Stories about life in America, and the incidents that make virtual political prisoners possible.

Maybe this idea was unbelievable seven years ago, but today it’s a hauntingly familiar tale of National Security Gone Wild, drunk on power and exposing their… uh… psychopathic tendencies.

Critical writings documenting the rise of an American post-communist police state, when Whistleblower Retaliation is masked as a hunt for domestic terrorists.

“American Virtual Political Prisoners”  an academic paper introducing the subject, for those who are still having a hard time believing

“From VIP to VPP: Fugitive of Injustice” prologue to The Diary of Incidents, a introductory piece to the series

Fugitive of Injustice  The Diary of Incidents

“From VIP to VPP”   low tech, printable prologue: 2 pages, double sided

JUST POSTED! 04APR2013  Very Dirty War “Self-Disappearance: America’s Post 9/11 Dirty War” written from the urban trenches